Wilson Arms 98 Mauser Barrels

98 Mauser Barrels98 Mauser Barrels

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The Wilson Arms 98 Mauser Barrels are pre-threaded, short chambered and precision made to provide superior accuracy.

Stress relieved and machine lapped then air gauged with a muzzle-to-breech tolerance of .0001″; furnished with the chamber left .010″ short. Requires gunsmith fitting and final chambering.

Two popular calibers, and two styles, ready to fit to your receiver. #4 Contour, ready to build into a quality sporter. Military Step, follows the same profile as the military barrel. Drops into issue stock, great for replacing worn out or damaged military barrels.

SPECS: 4140 chrome-moly steel, in the white. Button rifled with 1-10″ twist, 6-groove rifling. Rc 25-32. #4 Contour 26″ long, .650″ diameter at the muzzle. Military Step 24″ long. More . . .

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