Smith Enterprise .308 Vortex Flash Hider

.308 Vortex Flash Hider

Smith Enterprise .308 Vortex Flash Hider

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Four, specially angled flutes hide nearly 100% muzzle flash, even during full-auto fire, by dissipating gas and retaining unburned powder for increased residual burn.

Constructed of the same 8620 bar stock steel used in the manufacture of AR-15/M16 bolts and carriers, then heat-treated to provide a high-strength core and tough, outer shell.

Special, helix design helps align exiting barrel gas to improve accuracy with all bullet types. Streamlined unit reduces muzzle flash with four, 15deg helical flutes. Provides Vortex technology for Remington 700 Tactical and AR-10.

SPECS: 8620 steel. Parkerized, black, matte finish. 5⁄8″-24 tpi. 2-11⁄16″ (6.8cm) long, .905″ (2.3cm) dia. 3.9 oz. (112g) weight. Fits Rem 700 Tactical and AR-10 in .308 Win. (more . . .)

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