Boyd’s Bold Trigger

Bold Trigger

Boyd’s Bold Trigger

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Precision-machined, light-weight aluminum housing plus hardened steel sear and internal components provide reliable performance for both the marksman and the sportsman.

Fully adjustable for engagement, letoff and overtravel. Optima (OP) model includes a two-position, locking thumb safety. Choose Premium (PR) model if using the factory safety. Adjustment range: 2.7 lb.-7 lb.

SPECS: Aluminum housing, steel trigger. .186″ (4.7mm) wide face.OP-98 and PR-98 fit Spanish Mauser 93/95, Military Mauser M-98 and Commercial Mauser M-98. OP-94/96S and PR-94/96S fit Swedish Mauser M94/96. (more . . .)

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